carbide swage die

case size:20mm*14mm
finish: inner polished

Stretch forming dies are widely used as drawing ,forming, molding dies such as stainlesssteel tableware, metalare, hardwareitting,etc in automotive,electronics, daily necessities,instruments,aerospace and other industrial sectors of the production, not only can machining rotating parts can also process box-shaped parts and other complex thin-walled parts.Tungsten carbide is a high hardness metal material with a long life which is about 10 times of ordinary dies.

Our factory is professionally produce custimized, non-standard, special and non-magnetic parts.

Our business is focus on:

1. Customized and special shape parts and workblank.

2. Non-standard parts and workblank.

3. Dies or workblank of stretching, drawing, cutting, flating, hot forging, cold heading, cold extruding, forming for all related machinery industry.

4. Non-magnetic alloy dies for magnetic industry.

5. Standard parts of rod, block, bar and stick, etc.

6. Mining tools like bits, blaze, inlay cutter, sand maker's T- bar and R-bar, etc.

7. Other wear-resistance, anti-corrosion and non-magnetic products.


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