The wire drawing die of Excel Hard Tools Co.,Ltd is used by wire producers to reduce a cross-section of wire by pulling the wire through a single die or a series of drawing dies. There are many applications for wire drawing, including electrical wiring, construction reinforcement, cables, medical and surgical applications, springs, staples, tire cord, fencing, nails, and welding wire.

1. Wire drawing dies can be used in the production of welding wire.

2. A lots of wire drawing dies are used in the production of tire cord wire as each tire contains bands of high tensile-strength steel wire encased in a rubber compound.

3.Thousands of wire drawing dies are consumed annually during the production of spring wire as millions of heavy duty and light vehicle engine valve, piston, fuel injection, transmission, and clutch springs are produced each year.

4. High carbon steel rod is drawn through carbide wire dies before being used as concrete reinforcement.

5.Carbide wire drawing dies are essential to the production of these fasteners as millions of screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, nails, and staples are produced all around the world each year.

6.Wire drawing dies are used to draw the control, constraint, and security wire and  cables .

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